Leos (July 23 to August 22) are among the many kings of the zodiac. They’re beneficiant and warm-hearted, artistic, devoted and loving. They are often prideful and dominant, nevertheless. In Greek mythology, Leo was the lion that was killed by Hercules as the primary of his 12 chores. Leos are spontaneous and extroverted. Just like the king of beasts, they prefer to be in command and make good leaders. They’ve robust intelligence and will be philosophical, even spiritual.
The Age of Leo within the astrological Nice 12 months was between 10750 and 8600 BCE. It was characterised by the Stone Age, and the primary cities (Jericho).
A gaggle of lions is named a delight, and this can be a attribute of the Leo persona as nicely, generally to its detriment. However Leos are additionally extremely self-disciplined and can hardly ever enable any persona attribute to get uncontrolled.
They make warm-hearted and trusting companions, however will be extraordinarily damage and let down if this belief is abused. They’ve a robust intercourse drive which might make it troublesome for them to stick with anyone companion for lengthy.
Leos prefer to be the focal point and have highly effective egos. They are often resentful in the event that they’re not the focal point. Leos sometimes must do not forget that much less is extra they usually can appeal to as a lot consideration in the event that they cease attempting so arduous to get it. It’s that delight factor, once more.
There are a lot of, many Leos within the arts and movie. A few of them embody Zelda Fitzgerald and Alexandre Dumas, Andy Warhol and Neil Armstrong, Roman Polanski and Robert DeNiro.
Which indicators are the perfect and worst matches for the Leo. Surprisingly, the perfect match is Aries, though you’d assume two headstrong indicators like these two wouldn’t make a very good pair. But it surely’s their robust character and fervour that makes them a very good pair. The worst signal for Leo is a Virgo. Leos are typically a bit extra dominating than is sweet for a Virgo.