The respiration of a pure air is always, and beneath all circumstances, indispensable to the well being of the toddler. The nursery subsequently must be massive, properly ventilated, in an elevated a part of the home, and so located as to confess a free provide each of air and light-weight. For a similar causes, the room wherein the toddler sleeps must be massive, and the air ceaselessly renewed; for nothing is so prejudicial to its well being as sleeping in an impure and heated environment. The follow, subsequently, of drawing thick curtains intently around the mattress is extremely pernicious; they solely reply a helpful goal after they defend the toddler from any draught of chilly air.
The correct time for taking the toddler into the open air should, after all, be decided by the season of the 12 months, and the state of the climate. „A fragile toddler born late within the autumn won’t usually derive benefit from being carried into the open air, on this local weather, until the succeeding spring; and if the rooms wherein he’s saved are massive, usually modified, and properly ventilated, he won’t undergo from the confinement, whereas he’ll, likely, escape catarrhal affections, that are so usually the consequence of the injudicious publicity of infants to a chilly and humid environment.“ If, nonetheless, the kid is powerful and wholesome, no alternative must be misplaced of taking it into the open air at said intervals, expertise day by day proving that it has probably the most invigorating and vivifying affect upon the system. Regard, nonetheless, should all the time be needed to the state of the climate; and to a humid situation of the environment the toddler ought to by no means be uncovered, because it is among the strongest thrilling causes of consumptive illness. The nurse-maid, too, shouldn’t be allowed to loiter and linger about, thus exposing the toddler unnecessarily, and for an undue size of time; that is usually the supply of all of the evils which accrue from taking the babe into the open air.