The place did the follow of astrology originate. Did it evolve in a single a part of the world after which change into adopted by different civilizations.
Once you examine the traditional civilizations within the Center East, Central America and in Asia, there are exceptional similarities in how they tailored their lives to be in concord with the rhythms of earth and the cosmos. Take into account that there are pyramids in Mayan and Aztec cultures, in addition to Egyptian ones. And that many pyramids are constructed round and level to key occasions within the photo voltaic system, comparable to equinoxes and solstices.
Equally, astrology is believed to have developed independently in Babylon and Central America. The astrology methods in India and China almost certainly had been derived from these in Babylon.
It’s curious that many fundamentalist religions reject the rules of astrology, as a result of it was, in truth, an integral element of the religions of Babylon. It was a part of the calling of clergymen in Babylon to foretell the long run and a part of their methodology for doing so was to interpret occasions within the sky. Nothing was thought of pure likelihood and any pure incidence, regardless of how mundane or mysterious, could possibly be an omen of both luck or dangerous.
The a part of Mesopotamia that’s now Iraq as soon as comprised Babylonia within the South and Assyria within the North. Earlier than Alexander the Nice conquered the realm in 330 BC, the Assyrians had been a navy and administrative energy, and Babylon was the middle of tradition. The underlying perception system in each cultures was that there was a non secular pressure behind each act of nature. Heaven and Earth had been complementary methods, with neither one having dominion over the opposite. However by the 4th century BCE, this perception system was influenced by the Greek view that the heavens, and its resident gods, decided occasions on earth.