Verify the Ashtray Utilizing Ashes to Decide the High quality of Your Cigar

Easy methods to inform in case your cigar is of the very best high quality? Verify the ashtray—the ashes left behind can converse volumes concerning the high quality of your cigar. Right here a number of easy tricks to figuring out the standard of your cigar.

First, observe how briskly your cigar burns. A cigar that appears to burn too rapidly or disposes ashes that break aside simply might be a decrease high quality cigar. If the ashes appear too messy, and do not break aside collectively, this may increasingly additionally point out a decrease high quality cigar. Additionally, test the colour of the ashes. If the ash coloration appears to alter, the tobacco leaf combine could also be of poorer high quality.

The very best high quality cigars, these which can be nicely packed, will burn very slowly and burn stiff ash. The ’stiff ash‘ can stay intact as much as two to a few inches lengthy, and stay on the cigar with out breaking up. A top quality cigar could be burned all the way down to the nub. Even top quality cigars might fluctuate in style, particularly when they’re smoked all the way down to the nub. Many instances, you possibly can normally get ‚burn previous‘ these bitter spots by letting the cigar burn by itself for a couple of minutes.