CD Terminology

Beneath, you will discover the commonest terminology that
pertains to CD duplication. Even if you’re new to
duplication, the phrases under could aid you be taught extra.

Block Error Fee. That is the uncooked digital error price
earlier than any kind of error correction.

This the Compact Disc, a digital medium that is shaped
of a 12cm polycarbonate substrate, a reflective
metalized layer, and a protecting lacquer coating.

Compact Disc-Recordable. The time period CD-R is used to
describe the expertise of recordable CD together with
the gear, software program, and media which are used to
make the recordable disks.

Knowledge layer
With CD-R media, that is the natural dye that’s
sandwiched between the polycarbonate substrate and
the metalized reflective layer of the media. CD-R
disks have no information on them in any respect till the
are recorded.

Injection Molding
It is a manufacturing methodology the place the molten
materials is pressured right into a mildew, usually beneath
excessive strain, then cooled in order that the fabric
will tackle the form of a mirror picture within the

Media or blanks
CD-R media are the disks which are used to report
digital info utilizing a particular recorder and
premastering software program with a pc. These discs
are product of a polycarbonate substrate, a layer of
natural dye, a metalized reflective layer, and a
coating of lacquer for cover.

Natural dye
The info layer of CD-R media is produced from a dye
that’s melted in the course of the means of recording.
The place the dye is melted, turns into opaque or
refractive, scattering the studying laser in order that
it is not mirrored again into the studying sensors.

Reflective layer
That is the steel later that sits on high of the
dye that displays the laser beam again to the
studying meeting. That is usually 24ok gold in
CD-R disks, though it may be silver as properly.

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