Breast Compression

The only real goal of breast compression is to proceed
the stream of milk to the child as soon as the child now not
drinks on his personal. Compression can even stimulate
a let down reflex and sometimes causes a pure let
down reflex to happen. This system may be
helpful for the next:
1. Poor weight achieve within the child.
2. Colic within the breast fed child.
3. Frequent feedings or lengthy feedings.
4. Sore nipples for the mom.
5. Recurrent blocked ducts
6. Feeding the child who falls asleep fast.

If the whole lot goes nicely, breast compression could
not be obligatory. When all is nicely, the mom ought to
permit the child to complete feeding on the primary aspect,
then if the child desires extra – provide the opposite aspect.

How you can use breast compression
1. Maintain the child with one arm.
2. Maintain the breast with the opposite arm, thumb
on one aspect of your breast, your finger on the opposite
far again from the nipple
3. Preserve a watch out for the child’s consuming,
though there isn’t any should be obsessive about
catching each suck. The infant will get extra milk when
consuming with an open pause kind of suck.
4. When the child is nibbling or now not
consuming, compress the breast, not so onerous that it
hurts although. With the breast compression, the child
ought to start consuming once more.
5. Sustain the stress till the child no
longer drinks with the compression, then launch the
stress. If the child does not cease sucking with the
launch of compression, wait a bit earlier than compressing
once more.
6. The rationale for releasing stress is to
permit your hand to relaxation, and permit the milk to start
flowing to the child once more. If the child stops sucking
once you launch the stress, he’ll begin once more
as soon as he tastes milk.
7. When the child begins to suck once more, he
could drink. If not, merely compress once more.
8. Proceed feeding on the primary aspect till
the child now not drinks with compression. You
ought to permit him time to remain on that aspect till he
begins consuming once more, on his personal.
9. If the child is now not consuming, permit
to come back off the breast or take him off.
10. If the child nonetheless desires extra, provide the
different aspect and repeat the method as above.
11. Until you’ve sore nipples, you might
wish to change sides like this a number of occasions.
12. At all times work to enhance the child’s latch.

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