Fundamental Yoga Postures and their Variations

1. THE COBRA Do that in straightforward phases. Lie down, face inclined, legs tightly collectively and stretched again, brow on the ground. Put your palms, palm down, slightly below your shoulders. Inhale and lift your head, urgent your neck again, now use your palms to push your trunk up till you’re bending in a gorgeous arc out of your decrease backbone to the again of your neck. You want go no additional than this. Nonetheless, if you’re supple sufficient, now you can straighten your arms utterly, bend the legs on the knees and drop your head again to the touch your toes. Even when your head goes nowhere close to your toes, drop it again so far as doable and maintain the posture with deep respiratory. Come out of the posture very slowly, returning to the face inclined posture. Chill out along with your head to at least one aspect. Repeat.

2. THE BOW That is additionally an excessive model of the straightforward bow. It’s stunning what number of kids can do it instantly. Take it, as soon as once more, in straightforward phases. Lie face inclined in your mat. In case you are very slim have a pleasant thick, padded mat for this one. Inhale and bend your knees up. Stretch again along with your arms and catch maintain of your ankles, protecting fingers and thumbs all collectively on the skin. Inhale and on the identical time increase your head and chest, pulling at your ankles and lifting knees and thighs off the ground. Breathe usually, making an attempt to kick up your legs larger and lifting your head up. You at the moment are bent like a bow, balancing the load of your physique in your stomach. You’ll be able to cease proper right here however when you can nonetheless stretch additional, then slide your palms down your legs, carry them larger, preserve the knees collectively and pull again as a lot as you’ll be able to. Maintain for a number of regular deep breaths, then chill out again to the face-prone place, head to at least one aspect.

3. THE SHOOTING BOW In Sanskrit this is named Akarna Dhanurasana and one leg is drawn up like a taking pictures bow. Sit with each legs stretched out in back and front straight. Attain ahead with each palms and clasp your toes, catching the proper foot with the left hand and the left foot with the proper hand. Inhale, bend the left knee and pull the foot throughout the physique, near your chest, pointing the elbow up and twisting the physique barely to the proper. The left hand stays agency and tight, holding the proper foot. Maintain posture with regular respiratory, launch slowly, and chill out. Repeat on different aspect. To start with it is sufficient to maintain the bent left leg with the proper hand. When that is straightforward, stretch down and maintain the left foot with the proper hand. Proceed to tug on the left foot, lifting it larger on every exhalation.